DJECO Paper Toys Pretty Wood


Beautiful paper toys from Djeco come to life with a few folds.  Djeco's Paper Toys Pretty Wood pack features 5 cute woodland animals to make and keep.

By following the stages photographed in the booklet, you tear off, you fold, stick and you create a woodland universe that comes to life. A deer, pig, rabbit, squirrel and owl can be made with the thick, pre-cut, pre-folder paper.

A creative craft suitable for ages 7 to 13 year, glue is required and not included.

  • Make five woodland animal models
  • Push out, fold and stick
  • Follow the step-by-step picture instruction booklet
  • Quality illustrations
  • Sturdy models on completion
  • Package dimensions 31.5 by 24cms
  • Other model kits available
  • Ideal small gift or party bag gift
  • 3070900096745