DJECO DJ08168 Domino 1, 2, 3


Djeco Animal Dominoes toy is a colourful and appealing version of this classic matching game for younger children. Full of familiar animals, simply and appealingly illustrated, there are 28 large pieces to play with and this traditional educational game will keep children happily entertained. Each player takes it in turn to put down a domino with the same number of animals as the number on the last piece. The first player with no dominoes is the winner!

Helps to develop counting skills, number recognition, turn taking and cooperation.

Each domino piece measures 10.4 by 4.5cms and this Dominoes Toy comes in a strong, decorative cubed cardboard box with a cord handle measuring 12 by 12 by 12cms. Djeco suggest for children 4 years old upwards.

Perfect for a small birthday present or stocking filler.