Our story

Finding the best wooden toys, crafts or puzzles for kids can be very tricky. We know how challenging it is to get those cool DJECO puzzles, toy pirate ship models, doll houses and many others.

Fairy Kitten is an online store based in Estonia that has a lot of focus on offering customers access to maybe the best and most impressive toys on the market. We are here to offer the quality and value you always wanted, and we guarantee that you will have an extraordinary experience every time.

We created Fairy Kitten with the idea of offering our customers high quality toys for their kids. We believe there’s something magical in sharing the best toys on the market, as kids enjoy them and develop unique skills thanks to them.

Our commitment is on variety and we work closely only with European Brands. There’s no mass-market involved, just high quality toys that kids will enjoy and appreciate all the time. We really want you to gain access to the best value for money.

Since Fairy Kitten is a family-owned business, we treat every customer like our friend. Whether you need a wooden dolls house furniture, wood toy cars, a wooden car track or anything in between, we are here to help you every step of the way.

These toys are created with the idea of playing in a safe environment, they are also fully tested to deliver only the ultimate value and quality that you can find on the market. We have the best selection of toys out there because we are parents ourselves and we know how to pick only the best on the market.


It’s important for us to offer the right toys to the right customers. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to bring in front only the best experience, and we know how to make our customers happy all the time. Whether you need a baby’s xylophone, kids coloring sets or a wooden animal puzzle, we are here to help.

Check our offer now and if you have questions or inquiries we are always here to help. We guarantee you will always have an amazing experience when you visit our store and buy any toy from us!